NLP Reading Group, Dhaka


How to get the most out of a reading session?

Read the paper beforehand and come up with a few questions. Most importantly, try to join reading sesssions regularly. Consistency is all you need.

How can I join as a session facilatator?

We take session facilatator request for each iteration. Just fill is the form and we will contact you.

What is the repsonsibilities for CORE TEAM?

Research collaboration, backup assignment for weekly session and diversifying speakers.

What is Research Jamming?

Research jamming is an open house for sharing research ideas and meeting collaborators at NLPDhaka.

How can I collaborate on a research project?

Join research jamming! If you have a project idea, contact us with a rough proposal. We will help find you collaborators.

How can I access GPU resources?

Send us a request and an estimate of required compute.

Do you provide any support for grad school application?

Yes. We can help reviewing your SOP and resume. Send us an email!

Additional resources for grad school application, research and more!

A list of useful reference materials can be found here.

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